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An “Elemental” sound

An “Elemental” sound

Today is the national premiere of the new Disney and Pixar film “Elemental” and coming from these two great audiovisual houses, it is worth talking about the soundtrack that gives the film that magical touch.

Disney and Pixar never disappoint and know how to create a narrative between music, sounds, dialogues, and characters, which enter into a conversation and manage to create unique pieces that remain in our hearts, transporting us to when we were children and to keep dreaming. Last Saturday, June 17th, we received an invitation from our friends at ONcomunicacionespr, to go to the Colombian premiere of the new Disney and Pixar film “Elemental”. This is a movie that will definitely leave you with some tears and clearly, it is for the whole family.

Elemental | Official Trailer

One of the things that allowed me to get involved in this universe, apart from It feels like an explosion of color in every shot, was the music and sounds that managed to fit perfectly with each of the small worlds within the film: Air, Fire, Earth, and Air. Where different rhythms and instruments were used for the ambiance. So without further ado, let’s start talking about the soundtrack and those sounds that speak to us through the story. One of the main people in charge of this soundtrack and of giving life to city elements, is Thomas Newman, so let’s talk a little more about this great composer who is well-known in the film industry for his impeccable work.

Elemental | Check This Out

Bakar - Hell N Back (Official Video)

Thomas Newman is an accomplished composer known for his distinctive and evocative film scores. Born on October 20, 1955, in Los Angeles, California, he comes from a highly esteemed family in the film industry. His father, Alfred Newman, was a renowned composer and conductor, and his brothers David Newman and Maria Newman are also successful film composers. With a career spanning several decades, Thomas Newman has become one of the most respected and sought-after composers in the industry.

Fern Grouchwood

A Lonely Man Awash in Sadness

His style and musical approach: 

Thomas Newman’s musical style is characterized by its unique blend of orchestral and electronic elements, creating a sound that is both traditional and innovative. His compositions often feature a delicate balance of intimate melodies, ambient textures, and rhythmic motifs. He is known for his meticulous attention to detail and his ability to create emotionally resonant music that enhances the storytelling in films.

Key Themes and Emotional Resonance: 

Newman’s music frequently explores themes of introspection, longing, and melancholy. His compositions have a distinct ability to evoke complex emotions and capture the subtleties of human experiences. Whether it’s the bittersweet nostalgia in “American Beauty,” the ethereal wonder in “Finding Nemo,” or the suspenseful tension in “Road to Perdition,” Newman’s scores often become an integral part of the films they accompany, enhancing the narrative and deepening the audience’s connection to the story. Thomas Newman has collaborated with several renowned directors throughout his career. He has frequently worked with director Sam Mendes, creating memorable scores for films such as “American Beauty,” “Road to Perdition,” “Jarhead,” and “1917.” Other notable collaborations include working with Steven Soderbergh on “Erin Brockovich” and “The Good German,” as well as Pixar Animation Studios on films like “Finding Nemo,” “Wall-E,” and “Finding Dory.”

American Beauty- Thomas Newman

This film has the ability to seamlessly blend diverse musical elements and create evocative soundscapes has inspired. The original song included in this film was composed by Ari Leff, professionally known as Lauv, who is an American singer, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on August 8, 1994, in San Francisco, California. Lauv gained popularity with his breakout single “I Like Me Better” in 2017, which became a chart hit and established his signature blend of pop, electronic, and R&B influences. Known for his introspective and relatable lyrics, Lauv has released a series of successful singles and albums, including “There’s No Way,” “Modern Loneliness,” and “How I’m Feeling.” He has collaborated with various artists and has gained a dedicated fanbase for his honest and vulnerable approach to songwriting.  “Steal the Show” is a song composed by Lauv, Newman and performed by the singer, the lyrics were also written by songwriter Michael Matosic and was launched earlier this month.

Lauv - Steal The Show (From "Elemental"/Official Audio)

Personally, I feel that besides the message of the film and all those colors, the music in this film takes the lead role, as you can see the work as a whole and the essence of each of the characters behind each song, without losing that dialogue and vision that the director wanted to give to the film,

Elemental | Our Blue Flame

Elemental | You’re So Hot


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