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Nicki Nicole: and synchronicity through her “ALMA”

Nicki Nicole: and synchronicity through her “ALMA”

The singer surprises us with her new album entitled Alma, healing a bit of emotional dependency.

Nicki Nicole is an artist who in recent years has managed to captivate us with her energy, recognizable voice, and her lyrics that seek to empower the female gender.  This year, the Argentinean artist shares and launches her new and third album, which served as a healing process, called “Alma” (the first one were “Recuerdos” and her second one “Parte e mí”) where she starts to change and look for new sounds and rhythms, compared to what we were used to when listening to her music. This time, with touches of Jazz, Blues, his native Tango, electronic music, and exploration through Bolero.


All these genres helped her to heal, to find herself, to let go of many things and as she says, above all it was a help to unify the heart, mind and soul to find balance. Each song has a background, a story, a why within this concept of peace, balance, healing and connection with what we are, have been and will be, with the essence of each one of us. An album focused on the voice and spirit of who Nicki Nicole is.

Nicki Nicole - Se va 1 llegan 2 (Official Video)

Nicki Nicole - Ya No (Official Video)

Nicki Nicole, the Argentine singer-songwriter, has taken the Latin music scene by storm with her distinct voice, powerful lyrics, and genre-defying sound. Born Nicole Denise Cucco, Nicki Nicole has quickly risen to prominence, becoming a beacon of authenticity and empowerment for her fans. With her refreshing approach to music and captivating performances, she has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Her relationship with music began at a young age when she started writing her own songs and honing her craft. Her breakthrough came with the release of her debut single “Wapo Traketero” in 2019, which garnered widespread attention and set the stage for her meteoric rise.

Nicki Nicole - Tuyo (Cover) - una que quise hacer (Official Video)

Los Ángeles Azules, NICKI NICOLE - Otra Noche

Drawing influences from reggaeton, trap, and pop, Nicki Nicole’s music transcends traditional genre boundaries, creating a unique and captivating sonic experience.One of the defining aspects of Nicki Nicole’s music is her raw and honest songwriting. Her lyrics often delve into personal experiences, addressing topics such as self-empowerment, love, and female empowerment.

NICKI NICOLE || BZRP Music Sessions #13


Through her songs, she encourages her listeners to embrace their individuality and stand up for themselves. Tracks like “Colocao” and “Mala Vida” showcase her ability to express vulnerability while maintaining a fierce and empowering tone. Nicki Nicole’s distinctive voice sets her apart in the Latin pop landscape. Her smooth and sultry vocals effortlessly glide over the infectious beats, creating a mesmerizing blend that captivates audiences. Her vocal delivery is filled with emotion and authenticity, making her performances truly captivating and memorable. Beyond her music, Nicki Nicole has become a symbol of empowerment and authenticity for her fans. With her bold fashion choices and unapologetic attitude, she challenges societal norms and encourages her followers to embrace their true selves. She has become a voice for young women, empowering them to break free from stereotypes and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Nicki Nicole, YSY A - CAEN LAS ESTRELLAS (Official Video)

Change is good, and more than that, finding her own musical essence is what Nicki Nicole has shown us and for sure, she has a long way to go and many new albums to heal the soul and influence empowerment and Latin music.

Nicki Nicole, Young Miko - 8 AM (Official Lyric Video)


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