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Concert of concerts, revolving around rock en español 2023

Next July 28th will be a new edition of this great massive concert with great artists.

The countdown begins for an important event in the city of Bogota, the great event that welcomes a large crowd of music lovers in one place and that revolves around rock in Spanish, this is the “Concert of concerts” that will have 12 incredible guests and great exponents of Latin American rock. Among them will be Miguel Mateos, Toreros Muertos, Duncan Dhu, the group Poligamia, La Unión de Rafa Sánchez, Yordano, Compañía Ilimitada, Ekhymosis, La Mosca, Amistades Peligrosas, a great tribute to Soda Stereo with El Cuarto Soda and Aterciopelados. This great event will host and bring together this star repertoire that includes songs that we can all sing along to and dance to. So let’s talk a little bit about some of the artists of this great concert.

Miguel Mateos - Obsesión (Official Video)

The Argentine Rock icon who stands the test of time, Miguel Mateos, is one of the artists headlining this great line-up. Miguel Mateos, an Argentine singer, songwriter, and producer, has left an indelible mark on the Latin American rock scene with his powerful voice, catchy melodies, and thought-provoking lyrics. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Miguel Mateos emerged as a prominent figure in the 1980s, and his music continues to resonate with audiences today. With a career spanning several decades, he has established himself as a true rock icon. Miguel Mateos’ musical journey began in the late 1970s when he formed the band ZAS, which became a launching pad for his successful solo career. His music blends elements of rock, pop, and new wave, creating a unique sound that captivates listeners. His powerful and expressive vocals, coupled with his ability to craft infectious melodies, have garnered him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Miguel Mateos & Zas - Cuando Seas Grande (Pseudo Video)

Miguel Mateos - Es Tan Fácil Romper un Corazón (Versión Sinfónico [Versión Corta])

One of the defining features of Miguel Mateos’ music is his insightful and introspective lyrics. His songs often touch upon themes of love, longing, social commentary, and personal introspection. Miguel Mateos has a gift for crafting lyrics that strike a chord with his audience, evoking emotions and inspiring reflection. Through his music, he has become a voice for a generation, addressing societal issues and personal struggles with depth and sincerity. Throughout his musical career, Miguel Mateos has released numerous hit songs that have become anthems for rock music enthusiasts. Miguel Mateos’ ability to write songs that resonate with people, coupled with his energetic performances, has made him a favorite among music lovers. 

Miguel Mateos - Perdiendo el Control (En Vivo)

This concert will allow us to experience a journey through spanish Pop-Rock with Toreros Muertos, Duncan Dhu, La Mosca, Amistades Peligrosas, and La Unión de Rafa Sánchez. Spanish pop-rock has witnessed the emergence of several iconic bands and artists over the years, each contributing their unique sound and style to the vibrant music scene. In this article, we delve into the musical lives and explore the music of Toreros Muertos, Duncan Dhu, La Mosca, Amistades Peligrosas, and La Unión de Rafa Sánchez.

Los Toreros Muertos - Mi Aguita Amarilla

Toreros Muertos, known for their irreverent and catchy songs, made waves in the Spanish music scene during the 1980s. Their music combined elements of pop, rock, and punk, creating a sound that was both energetic and humorous. With songs like “Mi Agüita Amarilla” and “Manolito,” Toreros Muertos captured the attention of listeners with their playful lyrics and lively performances. Their theatrical stage presence and comedic antics added to their appeal, making them a beloved and influential band in the Spanish pop-rock landscape.

Los Toreros Muertos - Los Toreros Muertos (TOCATA (ACTUACIÓN TVE))

Duncan Dhu, formed in the early 1980s, showcased a more melodic and introspective side of Spanish pop-rock. The band, led by Mikel Erentxun and Diego Vasallo, crafted heartfelt ballads and infectious pop-rock anthems that struck a chord with audiences. Their harmonies, poetic lyrics, and memorable melodies garnered them a dedicated fan base. Hits like “En Algun Lugar” and “Una Calle de París” showcased the band’s ability to convey deep emotions and capture the essence of love and longing. Duncan Dhu’s musical versatility and ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level solidified their place in the Spanish music scene.


Duncan Dhu- Capricornio (Videoclip oficial)

Una calle de París

La Mosca, known for their energetic and danceable tunes, brought a fusion of rock, ska, and Latin influences to their music. The band’s infectious rhythms, catchy hooks, and upbeat performances made them a hit among fans of Latin pop-rock. Tracks like “Para No Verte Más” and “Todos Tenemos un Amor” became instant classics and propelled La Mosca to international fame. Their ability to blend genres and create a festive atmosphere with their music made them a staple of the Spanish pop-rock scene.

La Mosca Tse-Tse - Todos Tenemos Un Amor

La Mosca Tse-Tse - Para No Verte Mas

Amistades Peligrosas, composed of Alberto Comesaña and Cristina del Valle, emerged in the 1990s as a duo known for their passionate and socially conscious songs. Their music often addressed themes of love, relationships, and societal issues, combining elements of pop, rock, and flamenco. Amistades Peligrosas’ powerful ballads, such as “Me Quedaré Solo” and “Estoy Por Ti,” showcased their vocal prowess and ability to evoke deep emotions. The duo’s ability to merge different musical styles while maintaining a distinct identity made them a unique presence in the Spanish pop-rock realm.

Amistades Peligrosas - Me Quedaré Sólo

Amistades Peligrosas - Estoy Por Ti

La Unión, fronted by Rafa Sánchez, achieved great success in the 1980s with their blend of rock, pop, and new wave influences. Known for their dynamic performances and Sánchez’s charismatic stage presence, La Unión captivated audiences with their energetic and catchy songs. Hits like “Lobo Hombre en París” and “Sildavia” propelled the band to stardom and solidified their status as one of the leading acts in the Spanish pop-rock genre. La Unión’s ability to craft memorable melodies and deliver anthemic performances made them an enduring force in Spanish music.

LA UNIÓN - Lobo Hombre en París (1984)


Another of the groups that we will be able to see and that will take us back to the 90s, is the group Poligamia, formed by Andres Cepeda, Juan Turbay, Freddy Camelo, Gustavo Gordillo and Cesar Lopez, who split up in 1998, and was a group that had a great reception and is considered to be the voice and music of a generation, with musicians who went solo and who have also made a great contribution to the Colombian music scene. Poligamia’s impact on Colombian music remains significant, as their music continues to be beloved by fans and serves as a nostalgic reminder of the vibrant music scene of the 1990s. The group’s fusion of pop and rock elements, along with their relatable lyrics and captivating performances, helped pave the way for the development of the Colombian pop-rock genre, influencing subsequent generations of musicians.

Poligamia - Mi Generación (Cover Audio)


I definitely can’t wait to attend this great event and relive the golden age of rock en español and to have great artists on the same stage that will surely bring us great memories and, why not, surprises.


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