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Amantina: Unleashing Emotion and Authenticity Through Music

Amantina: Unleashing Emotion and Authenticity Through Music

Amantina gives us truth and peace in her lyrics, now, next Saturday July 1st at 20:00 hours, you will be able to see it live.

If we have to talk about an artist who is growing like crazy, we can refer to Amantina, who, although he is not a new artist in the musical world and already has a trajectory, more people should know him. Daniel Sorzano Perry, a musician and producer who was born in the city of Bogotá, but who also has his soul in Quito, Ecuador since he moved there at a very young age and who, just a few years ago, returned to his hometown.

Amantina - Medusa (Video Oficial)

 “Perry” as some of his acquaintances call him, I had the pleasure to meet him and exchange a few words in some meetings, as we have the same circle of friends and the company and cultural manager “PopUp Art” with which I worked, collaborates a lot with this artist. Known artistically as Amantina, which comes from his other passion which is literature, where he makes a kind of tribute to a very important and influential female character in French romanticism called Amantine Aurore Lucile Dupin de Dudevant, who had to write and use the pseudonym (clearly male) of George Sand, and that is why he decided to call himself “Amantina” Interesting, isn’t it? And this great artist is becoming a very important character and a piece within the Latin American Indie because as we mentioned above, he has origins and spent a large part of her life in Ecuador, there they have a taste for her music just like here, and she also belonged to a band called Les Petit Bâtards.


ASTROMELIA - Amantina x Santo Miletto x Pocket Tincho (Videoclip Oficial)

Amantina is a very interesting musical bet, from the lyrics, through the melodies, the games of sounds, rhythms, lights, and images in his videos, you can say that he is a performer in its entirety. His music is intimate and honest, he doesn’t stagnate with something but despite mixing sounds and living in the current context of each sound, he doesn’t lose the essence he has created and what has led him to be in festivals such as Estereo Picnic 2023. But don’t worry, if you didn’t have the opportunity to see him live, next July 1st, 2023, he will be performing a live show at the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santodomingo and you can check out the proposal that Perry, Daniel/ Amantina, has as an artist in the music industry.

Amantina - baldío bien ft. Esmarive (Video Oficial)

Amantina’s music can be described as a blend of various genres, incorporating elements of rock, jazz, R&B, and a special touch he has thanks to his tone of voice and energy. His voice possesses a remarkable range and a raw vulnerability that captivates listeners. Every note he sings is infused with emotion, allowing him to convey his messages with authenticity and sincerity. Amantina’s ability to connect with his audience through his music speaks volumes about his artistry and the power of his voice. One of the defining characteristics of Amantina’s music is his dedication to expressing his true self and sharing his personal experiences through his lyrics. His songs often delve into themes of love, heartbreak, introspection, and personal growth. By baring his soul through his music, Amantina creates an intimate space for listeners to connect and find solace in their own emotions.


Throughout his career, Amantina has released several notable tracks that have garnered attention and admiration.  Amantina’s musical journey is marked by his commitment to authenticity and self-expression. Through his music, he invites listeners to join him on a profound emotional journey, encouraging them to embrace their vulnerabilities and celebrate their individuality. Amantina’s artistry serves as a testament to the power of music in connecting people and evoking genuine emotions.


Método Mc, Amantina - JIT (Video Oficial)


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