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Las Villa: Eclipse is launched

Las Villa: Eclipse is launched

Voices and chemistry that blend and were born to be together, these are Las Villa and their new and first album “Eclipse”.

If there is one thing I like to talk about most, it is emerging artists, especially local talent. This time, I will talk about a Colombian duo made up of two twins called “Las Villa”. Laura and Lucia Villa are two talented Colombians who have had music with them for several years. With a style marked with reggaeton, they mix Latin rhythms, it could be said that some Spanish music and a style that they have been rooting as their own and that indeed if you know them, you will identify them wherever you listen to them.

LAS VILLA - Poema (Video Oficial)

LAS VILLA - Balada Para Perrear (Video Oficial)

With great acceptance, during these years the two sisters have been growing, maturing, and having a positive evolution of their talent, music videos, and good songs to dance to or simply to listen to and enjoy. At the end of last year, it was announced that they were going to release their first album together with other artists and with collaborations with some artists who are their friends and colleagues in the music industry. Today, we can say that it is a reality and that their first album “Eclipse” is having a great reception, which makes me very happy because they are two artists that have a lot of talent and many surprises in the future.

LAS VILLA - La Carta (Video Oficial)

Their songs are not only loaded with great storytelling, but their videos tell addictive stories with melodies and visuals that make us want to finish the song and why not, support emerging and talented artists in our country?

Laura and Lucía Villa were born in Bogotá, Colombia, and learned much of what they know at the MISI School of musical arts and chose to study music composition in the capital. It can be said that in addition to composing, Las Villa are artists with a unique style, who are involved in each of their songs, videos, and choreographies. Laura and Lucía have been making their way in the music industry and have been able to work with renowned directors and producers of the music scene. “Nadita” was their first song, which had a great reception on streaming and music platforms because of its lyrics, addictive melodies and also because it shows how confident and strong they are when singing because it is clear that they were born for this, to perform on stage and within each musical lyrics.

LAS VILLA - Nadita (Video oficial)

LAS VILLA - Nadita Live Session presented by Buchanan’s

The first song they presented this year from their first album was “Bendita” with the Colombian singer of Paisa origin and ex-member of the group Piso 21. This song has a Latin, tropical rhythm that blends perfectly with the pop and urban rhythms that characterize them. In the case of this song, the music video was directed by their close friend María José Garzón, better known as a digital content creator called “Poché”, and also collaborated in the direction of Sergio De Ávila and Jerome Lehoucq.

LAS VILLA, Llane - Bendita (Video Oficial)

LAS VILLA, Nicole Zignago - Corazón Cruzado

Their first musical album, titled Eclipse, has wonderful graphics that together with the two sisters, show those two sides, that sisterhood they have, the light, the dark, the day and the night, the moon and the sun as a complement and as a conjugation. This one is divided into two parts, the first one is “La Luna” which has 6 songs: Pa querete Ft. Mexican singer Marco Mares, Tú lo tienes to, La loba, Brindaré, La receta Ft. Vic Mirallas and Corazón cruzado Ft. Nicole Zignago. The second part is “El Sol” which has six songs as well and is composed by Bendita Ft. Llane, Calzón Quitao, Amor y sal, 24/1, La Carta, and 2Cm Ft. Yorghaki.

LAS VILLA - Amor y Sal (Video Oficial)

LAS VILLA - 2cm Ft. Yorghaki (Lyric Video)

I have no doubt that the road and the stairs that they have to climb are long and that they will be artists that will be heard around the world and will become great exponents and representatives of Colombian music. So are you Moon side or Sun side?

LAS VILLA, Vic Mirallas - La Receta (Lyric Video)

LAS VILLA - Brindaré (Lyric Video)


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