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“El Vecino” rising to the next level with a new theme song

“El Vecino” rising to the next level with a new theme song

Joyful and a dancehall lover comes “El Vecino” who, despite the adversities, is managing to take his music around the world and, of course, in his country Colombia.

I don’t know if you are lovers of Dancehall or those rhythms full of flow, of Dembow, of joy that invite us to dance and when we listen to them, it is inevitable not to rejoice or want to move. This is the case of the music of “El Vecino”, a musician who year after year has been searching and pursuing his dream of making music and making the hearts of those who listen to him happy, and why not? to make them dance and never stop. Colombia is full of talented artists of various genres that are emerging and that we can hear rumbling more and more, not only within the country but also have been making themselves known in other corners of the world. 

I was surfing the web, listening to music, when a new song titled “No importa” was shared with me, it made me curious and I decided to listen to it. It immediately transported me not only to the beach with my friends but also managed to transport me to that flow that had that Dancehall and party music much more than a decade ago, a time when people were looking for people to go out to enjoy, to dance, to move without fear of what they will say or how there would be a right way to dance. That’s what the song conveyed to me and why not, support local talent.

El Vecino - No Importa (Vídeo Oficial)

Suppose you have come this far and still don’t know who “El Vecino” is. In that case, I’ll tell you a little more about this musician and artist who is making a name for Afrobeat and Dancehall in the country and for a change, talk about these musical genres that transmit joy and enjoyment and that people should give him a chance to listen to more.

Born and raised in the northwest of Colombia in the beautiful Chocó, where indeed, people are born with an enviable flow full of catchy and joyful dance. Deminson Valoyes Arias, known as “El Vecino” is the one who gives life and “sabor” to each of the songs. Originally from Chocó, he is also “un paisa de corazón”, as he moved there to fulfill his dreams. “El Vecino” is not just any artist, he has been a musician for about 10 years and has had flow in his veins since he was born, having already toured outside the country and a great reception in Mexico, as well as in his native country, Colombia, and who announced on his social networks earlier this year, that 2023 would come with surprises, as he would have a tour in the Dominican Republic. 

El Vecino - Remate (Video Oficial)

Deminson has merged with “al Vecino” creating, bringing, and composing lyrics that invite us to be happy, to be who we are without fear of what society thinks, to dance if we have the desire and because we feel it without fear of doing it in one way or another, to enjoy every minute and every second of life that in the words of him and Alex Villarreal  “We must live the moments to the fullest and enjoy the life that sometimes is nothing more than a party”

It is for this reason and as a motto of life, that “El Vecino” recently released this song that we have already mentioned and that you can listen to as many times as you wish, where he invited the group Crazy Dance to collaborate in the video, which was recorded in his city of residence, Medellin, and produced by “La Hermandad Records”.

It is worth noting that behind that “sabor” and joy that he transmits, Deminson has become not only a great artist over the years, but also a social reference thanks to his work as a human being, to his community work, where he has helped a large number of young people in Medellin to discover a new way of seeing life through art and joy, since this, together with dreams, dedication, support, and passion, can save and change lives. This work has been achieved, thanks to the collaboration of the record label Hermandad Records, so that many talents that are inside the hearts of all those young victims of conflict and lack of opportunities, find a lighthouse and a guide through music and dance.


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