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The “junte” returns affiliating the stingers for a great concert

The “junte” returns affiliating the stingers for a great concert

Don’t you have plans to start in April? Five great artists come together for a unique performance on Saturday, April 1st.

Nothing excites us more than talking about great artists and even more if they are from our country. Over the last few years, we have begun to hear the names of these artists: La Muchacha, Briela Ojeda, Lalo Cortés, Lianna, and Delfina Dib. Local talent that carries many of our roots and even better, lyrics with meaning and a lot to say. If you have no plans for this weekend, want to start April in the best way, and also love music and like to meet “new” artists and support local talent, you can not miss the concert this Saturday, April 1st at the Colsubsidio Theater in Bogota this unique performance and that you will not regret.

La Muchacha - Pal´ Monte


What is this “junte” about? Is it a new band?

No, it is a union of different artists, who seek to create a spectacular performance. It is not the first time they collaborate, since these artists love and are ready to collaborate with other artists, because they are lovers of creation and teamwork. The idea of sharing and creating had already arisen, that was the case of “La Muchacha” and “Briela Ojeda” creating a duet with some presentations and videos.

Las Mijas (La Muchacha y Briela Ojeda) - Ronca (carta para una mija)

“La Muchacha”

Isabel Ramirez Ocampo, a Colombian illustrator and singer/songwriter, was born in Manizales. She became “La Muchacha” giving a new meaning to the word, this singer does not remain silent and explores lyrics with a socio-political message, in search of peace, lending her voice to the peasants, to social inequality, to street vendors, to mother earth. Isabel presents a great staging where she often merges her illustrations, which in most of her concerts can be found either on stage or on stickers and other things that she makes and transmits through her art.

La Muchacha - POLEN - La Serpiente

La Muchacha - No Azara

A voice that resonates, an ancestral voice, Latin and rooted in what we are as Colombians, with guitar and pedal, with lyrics and songs full of poetry and struggles through art. The sound of this great artist is inspired by genres such as rap, metal, and regional Colombian, with references such as the Colombian singer-songwriter Edson Velandia.
La Muchacha has been in various concerts, festivals, and music specials and has even collaborated with artists such as Andrea Echeverry of the famous Colombian band “Aterciopelados” and has been on tour in Spain, which was very well received.

Aterciopelados & La Muchacha - No Se Viola (Video Oficial)

Briela Ojeda:

Gabriela Ojeda or Briela (as many know her) is a singer from Nariño. With a sweet voice but with a strong message, this great woman and artist has been making her way on the stages and in the musical world, always selling out and being loved by the public.
Briela, accompanied by her guitar and magical voice, has such an iconic personal stamp on her songs that it is impossible to listen to her voice and not know it is her. With complex lyrics, riddles, songs to the earth, to the moon, to the ancestors, Briela Ojeda has been in the music world for several years, she has been in different festivals with that unique sound that she has and her musical freedom.

4 * Nariz con Raíz * Briela Ojeda

6 * Liviana * Briela Ojeda


Lianna is a Colombian singer, born in Medellin, she is a composer as well and her musical creations have moved within the genres and influence of HipHop, R&B, and some Soul. A singer-songwriter who creates through Latin American music as well as the influence of referents such as Mercedes Sosa. In the beginning, Lianna was a member of the rap band “Conexion Frontal” but later on she started to explore her own music, and that’s when her first EP called “Lianna” was born. This great artist has a great musical journey that has its beginnings in the ’00s and has been on stages of major festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chile, the Estereo Picnic in Colombia, Rock al Parque, Hip-Hop al Parque, Hermoso ruido, and has even been an opening act for Joss Stone and has been on stages in Berlin.

Lianna y Ok Reverie - Cuando Vengas Vamos (Video Oficial)

LIANNA - Inspiración ft. Kid Cubicle (VIDEO OFICIAL)

Delfina Dib:

Unlike the other artists in this concert, this singer was born in Argentina, but for several years now, she has lived in Colombia. Delfina Dib, started from scratch, her love for music has always been her guide as well as another of her passions, fashion. This great artist who joins the “Avispero” next April 1st, has positioned herself over time as a great rapper recognized in the Colombian music scene, since she has already been on important stages such as “La Batalla de Gallos de RedBull”, and has had collaborations with Rap Bang Club, Pezcatore, Crudo Means Raw among other great artists.

Delfina Dib - GATO (Video Oficial)

DELFINA DIB - ILY (Prod.Thomas Parr)

Lalo Cortés:

I have known Lalo for several years through mutual friends, her voice has always seemed incredible and magical to me, whether she is rehearsing or playing with her wonderful lyrics and chords, this artist knows and loves what she does. Lalo has been singing and lighting up the stage since she was a little girl through Jazz, R&B, Gospel, HipHop, and even Gospel.
Lalo has collaborated with different artists, she has a close artistic relationship with Briela and Santiago Navas. In addition, he performed on Sunday, March 26th as an artist at the “Estereo Picnic” festival on the outskirts of Bogota. A strong message, a reason for being, a powerful voice. Melodies and lyrics that come together with the revolution and that “Afrorola” connection he has with all the Afro rhythms of his roots and with which he has resonated.

Lalo Cortés - Paso a Paso (Video Oficial)

Lalo Cortés - Cicatriz (Video Oficial)

With freedom, love for music, and togetherness, all these artists will continue to grow and resonate more and more in the Colombian music scene and hopefully, very soon in the whole world.

* Burbujas * Briela Ojeda ft. Lalo Cortés

* Cósmosis * Briela Ojeda


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  • Andrea Barrios
    marzo 29, 2023, 12:04 am

    Thanks for the recommendation, it’s good that the media are windows and bridges to meet new artists

  • Camilo Vivas
    marzo 29, 2023, 12:05 am

    Aguante la Muchacha y Briela, artistas que el mundo merece conocer!!


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